Vet to Home

At Tender Loving Care Veterinary Services LLC, we believe in a veterinarian/client relationship. We strive to preserve that relationship by offering the same pricing, whether it be in our clinics or online. We believe in “quality care at an affordable price.” If you are a client of ours, when you place your order it is reviewed by a veterinarian on staff. At that time it is compared against your pet’s medical record. Your order will only be approved if the doctor feels it is in the best interest of your pet’s health. You will not have to request a prescription and wait for it to be faxed or mailed. Not only does your purchase become a permanent part of your pet’s medical record, but you also have the confidence of knowing the pharmaceutical companies guarantee is there behind each product. This is a guarantee other well-known on-line retailers cannot provide without a veterinarian/client relationship. This is part of our vet-to-home program.

If you are not currently a client of Tender Loving Care Veterinary Services LLC, please feel free to visit one of our clinics in your local area so you may order your prescriptive medications. If you are not please feel free to order those items marked non-prescription only.