Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the closest clinic to my location?
Visit our clinic locator page to find a clinic nearby.

Do you have clinics every day?
No. We have clinics Tuesday – Saturday throughout many cities to fulfill the veterinarian need in each state. Consult the clinic list for the days and hours of clinics closest to you.

What are your hours of operation?
Customer information specialists are available to assist you: Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm and Saturday 9 am – 12 pm GMT. We are closed on Sundays and holidays. Clinic hours vary by location. Please call a customer information specialist to find hours and a location near you. Evening and Saturday hours available.

Can vaccines be purchased online?
No. Your pet must be seen by one of our licensed veterinarians, who will administer all vaccines. Vaccines are only available at our clinics to insure the safety and best possible care for your animal.

Are pet health care products available for purchase at the clinics?
Yes. All products are available for purchase at our clinic locations. You may also have the option of filling certain products by calling (480) 699-9950. Some medications will require a prescription and/or a re-check from one of our licensed veterinarian.

Can I get a copy of my pets’ vaccination records?
Yes. You can request copies of your records by calling (480) 699-9950. You should always retain the original provided to you at clinic as a permanent record. Never give your original away. Duplicate copies will be issued with a $10.00 fee.

When should I bring my pet back in for his next vaccinations?
Please refer to the vaccination schedule as a guideline to your pets’ next visit to our clinic. You may also look on your pet’s previous certificate of vaccination for information selected by your veterinarian as to when your next vaccines are due.

Why does my cat or dog need vaccinations?
The antibodies a nursing animal receives from its mother start to decrease during the first few months of your pet’s life. A routine vaccination schedule is just one step in keeping your pet healthy

What happens if I have missed my puppy/kitten’s booster shots?
You may need to start the series of vaccines over again as it takes time for the immunity to build up within your pet’s system, waiting too long between boosters can lead to the previous shots becoming ineffective. Please consult the veterinarian on staff so they may best assess your animal’s needs.

How often does my pet need a rabies vaccine?
The first time a dog/cat/ferret gets a rabies vaccine, it is good for one year. Subsequent rabies vaccines should be given every 3 years. Please consult the county/state you live in for requirements by law.

Will I receive a Rabies certificate and dog tag at your clinic?
This depends on the state/county in which your animal was vaccinated. Some states require a rabies tag to be issued. This is not a license. We will automatically provide you with a rabies certificate, which is official proof of vaccination, but the dog license will be issued by the city/county in which you live. The “rabies tags” that are sometimes given by veterinarians to show that your pet was vaccinated against rabies is not considered in some states legal proof of vaccinations. Only the animal license from your city/county is considered legal proof. Please provide your local licensing agency a copy of your rabies certificate, pay the appropriate fees, and they will issue your animal license. Contact your local animal control department or humane society for additional information.

Why should my pet be micro-chipped?
When a lost pet is found by authorities, they are taken to a facility that will have scanners that can read information coded to the microchip. This information will contain the owners name and phone number along with any other vital information you have given to the microchip manufacture.

What forms of payment are accepted at the clinics?
We accept CASH, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover at our clinics. A $2.50 fee will be added to ALL credit card transactions. Feel free to call ahead to get an estimated total for your visit.

Do you charge sales tax?
Sales tax will be charged on over the counter products only. There is no sales tax on prescriptive medications.

What do you do with my personal information?
Employees of our company, for the purpose of completing your order, will only view the personal information you provide to us. We will never sell your personal information to others.

Does Tender Loving Care Veterinary Services LLC sell foreign, damaged, or out-of-date product?
No, we sell the same exact medications sold by your Veterinarian. And, with our high volume of sales, we are able to provide the freshest products direct to our clients saving you time and money. We follow strict standards when it comes to product expiration dates.